One thought on “Who is Fatima, the Daughter of Muhammad PBUH – Sheikh Faruk on Qibla FM

  1. All praise is due to ALLAH (SWT).
    The Qibla fm is a wonderful radio station. People around the world benefit immensely from your very educative programmes on islamic teachings and practices. Iam particularly deligjted to have the oppotunity of listening to the submission and debate of Sheikh Asadussunnah on Shi’aism and other topics in lslam. I have learnt a lot.
    I have come to broadly understand the concept and position of Shi’a vis-a-vis the conventional beliefs and practices of the Sunni Muslims.
    Your programmas certainly enlighten your listeners on a range of other topical issues in lslam. May ALLAH (SWT) strengthen your efforts to continue to render these useful services to lslam and Muslims.
    Please when are we expecring the next round of debate on Wilaya/lmamiyya?
    My name is Hassan Rabah from Sokoto, Nigeria.

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