Shia scholar warns opponent of Ashura

Sheikh Faruk Abdullahi, a New York-based Muslim scholar has issued a strong warning to the critics of the annual Shia mourning marking the event at Karbala.

Mr. Abdullahi says the cold-blooded murder of Imam Hussein and many other members of the family of Prophet Muhammad at the hands of Yazeed forces is a loss for all Muslims and not just for Shias.

However, he says the unlimited criticism against Shia because of the actions of a few people who cut themselves with knives during Ashura mourning is a generalization which according to him must stop.

“Every religious sect have a bad few who will do things which are not right. Take Boko Haram, for example, they associate themselves with a certain school of thought but it’s not everyone in the school who agrees with their conduct”.

Mr. Abdullahi while speaking on US-based Qibla FM, says he is ready to debate anybody who feels that the mourning is wrong excluding the negative behavior by a few people.

He says those working to make Ashura about people cutting themselves with knives are trying to hide the bloody history of the battle at Karbala which took place some one thousand four hundred years ago.

Source: Qibla FM

One thought on “Shia scholar warns opponent of Ashura

  1. I will like sheikh Faruk to Tell me the school of thought Boko Haram beliefs in so that I can check whether they have deviated or not

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