12 thoughts on “Sheikh Musa Yusuf (AsaduSunnah) on Qibla FM – Shia

  1. Aslm i pray Allah to make you more stronger so that the world can listing to you ameen
    from Harun Muhammad Ahmad a student from Al-Azhar University Cairo Egypt

  2. May Allah reward you with jannatul Fiddausi really I like your programs, it’s nearly I got u from starting debate between Sheik Musa Yusuf Asadus Sunnah And Faruk from Shiites, well the debate is clear and good,my name is Salisu Abubakar Yaro from Nigeria

  3. Al’hamdulillah,may Allahu s.w.t reward you abundantly.And put it in your good scale, in the day of judgement.

  4. Assalamu Alaikum
    sheikh Fu’ad may Allah reward u with Aljannah
    .i really appreciated with ur program and debate .
    I also say kudos to our Beloved sheikh MUSA YUSUF ASADU SUNNAH we really appreciated with his knowledge we learn alot from sheikh mUSA YUSUF ASADU SUNNAH may ALLAH reward him with and all of us WITH JANNAT

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