Debate: Sh Musa Yusuf (AsaduSunnah) and Sh Yahya Masussuka on Hadith

Ahlu Sunnah scholar Sheikh Musa Yusuf popularly known as AsaduSunnah and Hadith rejector (also known as Quraniyoon or Quranist) Sheikh Yahya Masussuka debate on Qibla FM on the topic: HADITH.

Sheikh Masussuka says Hadith should be rejected and that only the Quran should be used to practice the DEEN and Sheikh AsaduSunnah argues that it’s impossible to practice the DEEN without the HADITH. Listen and SHARE!

4 thoughts on “Debate: Sh Musa Yusuf (AsaduSunnah) and Sh Yahya Masussuka on Hadith

  1. Asalamu Alaykum,
    Indeed your your program is highly educative. May Almighty Allah uplift you and your programs (amen).
    How can we listen to the remaining part of the questions and answer session debate of Sh Musa Yusuf (AsaduSunnah) and Sh Yahya Masussuka on Hadith.
    Assalamu Alaykum.

  2. Allahu akabar with fact and reasones no one can ever defeat ahlussunnah in this world.than u very much asadussannah may Allah increases u in ahmad abdulkadir from sokoto nigeria

  3. Assalam mungode YAHAYA masussuka sannu daqoqari acigaba da yada addinin musulunci ta hayar Al,Qur’ani shikada. Kuma mungode Qiblafm Allah yasaka Allah yadaukaka gidan radionku ameen

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