20-year-old wife kills second wife’s daughter

A 20-year-old Nigerian housewife has confessed to poisoning her eight-month-old step-daughter to death.

Zulac Kabiru, of Mariga Local Government Area in Niger Delta, is facing murder charges following her arrest for allegedly killing her rival’s infant child.

The young wife said she exercised the deadly option on little Rukaiya Kabiru after her husband moved forward to marry her mother into their home.

She told the media at a police news conference that:

“I warned my husband against marrying another wife, but he didn’t listen. The second wife was in the habit of insulting and assaulting me at all times and one day, I decided to poison her eight-month-old daughter to increase her sorrow; so that she will learn how to respect her superiors in the family. Before my husband married her, I kicked against the move.

” We have been living in peace but when she came, she divided the family. My husband gave her more attention and since then our family has been in shambles.

“It was the work of the devil; I didn’t know when I did it, it was a wicked act,”

Qibla FM correspondent in Lagos, Abdul Razak Tunde, said violence in multi-wives homes in Nigeria is growing by the day and calls on the courts to increase the penalties to send a direct message to those with intentions to commit heinous crimes.

“She might have been facing some rivalries with her husband’s other wife, but the ways out should not be killing anyone especially an innocent child. These things happen in Nigeria all the time and I think the Judges should be issuing some lengthy sentences to help stop it”.

Mr. Tunde advised wives and husbands with marital issues to seek the services of a professional counselor to help resolve differences.

“People can sometimes feel uncomfortable or feel insecure over some changes in marriages or relationships and that’s understandable, but to keep things on track couples must learn to sit down and talk things out.

They could even use outside help like a counselor or something to resolves their differences which have helped many. I believe a counseling intervention would have made a difference in situations such as Zulac’s case”.

Source: Qibla FM